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read ladygasm reviews

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Ladygasm Cici Vibrator &ndash Product Review

Posted on August 2, 2012 in
Product CritiquesThe most up-to-date accessory for my toy box arrived last week and that i can honestly point out that I&rsquom feeling much like the child who just received her new toy, with all the goal of never playing with one of the other toys ever again! The Ladygasm Cici is surely an innovative female sex toy and needs to be one of the better vibrators I have had the pleasure of meeting, and don&rsquot think there's been a moment where my excitement may be really at high level. Fortunately, I used to be over satisfied with my experience to help you only imagine how many times I&rsquove tested CiCi out. With that being said, let me get directly to the merchandise review.


A product review is normally going to begin with a description, but when you&rsquove ordered somewhat battery powered pleasure so you&rsquore much like me, there's a chance you're wondering how discreet the packing will be. I was very happy to observe that Ladygasm shipped my product within a regular brown cardboard box. The label had nothing that could indicate my shipment being anything more than a routine purchase, and this was definitely a plus for me.

opening up the therapy lamp, I came across Cici inside of a sturdy looking box that jogs my memory of the items my checks would get to, so again, another advantage for your discreet freak within me. Therefore the packaging details are out of the way, allow me to get through to the exciting part.


The Ladygasm Cici
is a powerful masturbator for females that provides the best of seven worlds (and will also make sense somewhat later) having its sleek styling making it used comfortably and easily, ensuring women are able to experience orgasms to their heart&rsquos desire. Its complete is about 7 inches in the tip to the base, with more than 4 inches good for total insertion although aforementioned doesn&rsquot could be seen as much, the astonishing features this vibrator is packed with will certainly make you ignore the inches. Cici is latex-free and the top portion is constructed of the best medical grade silicone available, making it both pleasant and safe.

for photo lovely! The Ladygasm Cici is a slimmer vibrator and it has an alluring and modern look featuring its two-toned coloring. The most notable is purple and contains two stimulators &ndash the one that comes with a inviting curve to the G-spot and also the other is good for the clitoris, that also has little ticklers. Cici&rsquos lower half is black with an easy screw top for the AAA batteries needed to get things going, and yes it even has four little prongs for the very bottom to help you stand it up right. No longer of the vibrator rolling towards the floor after nearly fainting, I'm able to simply set it around the nightstand.

to find the best part &ndash what makes the Ladygasm Cici perform and was the description on the web site all hype or reality? Two stimulators, two motors, 7 modes equals amazing. Think back to my analogy used earlier in regards to the new toy as opposed to the old toy and when i state I like it, I LOVE my new toy, and regardless if you are expert to know every spot within your body or even the novice who might still be trying to find just one, this vibrator is the selection for you. Cici puts the OR in GASM merely by its easy handling to the delicate hands of ladies, is simple to use with two buttons at the base (one for power, the other for the modes) and provides you with two motors and also the dual stimulators enables you to select which part of the two you would like to pleasure or both.

One of the benefits concerning this product should be the SEVEN different motions you have to choose from, when I finally tested out I nearly lost my thoughts. I realize that each woman has different preferences for what they enjoy stimulating essentially the most, and i also&rsquom almost certain a great majority determined areas that made their toes curl with explored their health alone using a vibrator or simply a man could have shown them the things they like. Personally, I&rsquove been a g-spot finder form of girl and also experienced a number of my greatest sensations from exposure to the outer area, but not quite the clitoral contact so imagine my surprise to have the ability to have several unique sensations in two places as well as a tickler as being a bonus. I only wished that we could demonstrate the different modes, but here is what you will need to seek out together with your Ladygasm Cici:

1st mode &ndash Basic vibrator motions
from your top portion for the g-spot stimulator
2nd mode &ndash Basic vibrator motions from
the g-spot and clitoral stimulators
3rd mode &ndash Clitoral stimulation
only at a gradual pulse
4th mode &ndash Dual stimulators
are doing with a steady pulse, but felt strongest on the clitoris with all the ticklers doing his thing
5th mode &ndash Rhythmic sensation from both stimulators, a pulse-pulse-buzz pattern
6th mode &ndash This sensation
can only be referred to as bliss, an almost melodic vibration from both stimulators
7th mode &ndash Vibration from both stimulators, steady speed

What more am i allowed to say other than this vibrator has exceeded any expectations I have for attaining an exceptionally higher level of pleasure.


We are always dreaming about options, options plus much more options and fortunately, the Ladygasm Cici offers lots of them. This product is good for over who is preparing to try a cutting-edge product to explore new areas of sexual fulfillment, or perhaps is for the one that simply should learn which aspects of her body react to what stimulators. The optimal buyer will likely be the girl which is either single and in need of a filler among partners, or that certain while using inner freak which is interested in spicing some misconception a lttle bit within the bedroom with your ex spouse.


While my overall satisfaction
using the Ladygasm Cici is actually comparatively high, there are some things I didn&rsquot like about this. For one, it isn&rsquot water proof so it takes me a little effort to be sure I&rsquom cleaning merely the top portion although the bottom may get a bit messy at the same time. A non-waterproof vibrator also eliminates any possible shower play. The 2nd issue I have will be the small gap that separates the most notable portion from your bottom or base &ndash when my partner pulled CiCi out try it out, he twisted a bad part assuming that was the place that the batteries went. Perhaps it was because of the darkness, but having that space creaates the illusion that it's meant to move at the same time.


After having experienced the final results from products such because bullet, stubby g, and traditional vibrators, I've fnally found the one that truly delivers with an abundance of options. The Ladygasm Cici has earned its reputation as a possible intense pleasure tool a good product after having experienced the bullet, stubby, and traditional vibrators, this place is actually a pleaser. I&rsquom looking towards a lot more moments of sheer bliss, if it comes from the initial mode or seventh.

read ladygasm reviews

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